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Axis of Ineptitude – Define Yourself in an Uncommon Way

Posted by on May 2, 2014

I’m teaming up with local bloggers this month in a challenge to blog daily, the Axis of Ineptitude.  Oops, yes, I already missed the first day of May, clinching that ineptitude title.  Today’s topic is to define yourself in an uncommon way.  I really wanted to define myself with food, but realized that Evin of Food Good Laundry Bad had the same thought, ran with it, dressed it up all fancy and took it to the prom.  Seriously, you gotta read it.


How am I defining myself today? I’m water.  I’m warm, bouyant, comforting when needed.  I simmer to a slow boil, then a rolling one when discussing my passions, whether it be food, Austin restaurants, my family or just my favorite no brainer television show.  I’m that rush of steam escaping a hot foil packet of roasted garlic just pulled from the oven, burning your hand through the oven mitt, when my temper overwhelms.  And at times I’ve been icy, rough-edged and hardened, until life throws me against a stainless steel sink and I shatter, and melt.

Axis of Ineptitude

6 Responses to Axis of Ineptitude – Define Yourself in an Uncommon Way

  1. Shelley Oz

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this. <3

  2. Helen- Life in Random Bits

    Kay, that’s beautiful. So many things, ever changing. I like it!

  3. Evin

    So so SO you. Love it. You should add that you go perfectly with good whiskey 😉

  4. Kay Marley-Dilworth

    Hah — I go perfectly well with good whiskey, it’s true! (And whisky).

  5. jennydecki

    Your post made me feel like i was floating. I <3 water.

  6. Star Traci

    Oh my goodness, Kay. This is pure poetry. I love this so much. You could have been describing me. Such beautiful way to describe how emotions can roll through. I am simply in love with this post!