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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Green Chile Mac & Cheese FTW!

This weekend was a whirlwind of activity, mostly centered around my four year old son.  And we all know kids love mac & cheese, right?  My kid certainly does, and he will eat it every time it is served, unless it is homemade.  My shameful secret is that my child wants, nay craves that boxed … Continue reading »

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When a carnivore goes meatless

When a carnivore goes meatless, you would expect one to experience overpowering cravings for a thick, juicy, perfectly grilled steak.  Or a plateful of fried chicken.  And don’t forget bacon, piles and piles of crispy bacon.  But this carnivore has been eating mostly vegetarian for almost two weeks, with nary a craving, although I admit … Continue reading »

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Breakfast Taco Lovefest

I’m often asked what my “go to” restaurants are for certain foods, and breakfast tacos is a subject that comes up fairly often, along with kolaches (KC Donuts).  Breakfast tacos, like pizza, fall under the “what type am I craving” category.  Here’s a list of my current favorites, in no particular order: The super serious … Continue reading »

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