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Fab last minute Valentine’s day gift ideas

It happens. Life gets busy, or we’re waiting for payday, or we suddenly find ourselves transitioning from being single to in a relationship, and Valentine’s Day is upon us. Relax, don’t stress, because I have some fabulous last minute gift ideas that your sweetie will adore. Your cheese lovin’ lover will be delighted to receive … Continue reading »

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Green Chile Mac & Cheese FTW!

This weekend was a whirlwind of activity, mostly centered around my four year old son.  And we all know kids love mac & cheese, right?  My kid certainly does, and he will eat it every time it is served, unless it is homemade.  My shameful secret is that my child wants, nay craves that boxed … Continue reading »

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Waffles for any meal

I love blank slate foods, the ones where you can put your own twist on what is already a good thing, and make it amazing.  Waffles are definitely blank slates.  Sure, they taste great warm, topped with your choice of syrup, but why not change things up a bit? Savory waffles are a fantastic choice … Continue reading »

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