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Tex Mex

Tasting your way through Cinco de Mayo

As a Mexican-American, I’m proud to celebrate my culture in many different ways. Cinco de Mayo, however, leaves me a bit unsatisfied. Too often it is confused with Mexico’s Independence Day (Diez y Seis de Septiembre), and many here in the U.S. don’t know that it isn’t a national holiday in Mexico. It’s regionally celebrated … Continue reading »

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Sips & Nibbles

Have you eaten something so delicious this week that you’ve been thinking about it and/or talking about it ever since? I’ve had my fair share of yummy foods during the last seven days, but I’m that fickle eater, always looking for the next enticing bite. Here’s what tempted me: I kicked it off last Thursday … Continue reading »

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Breakfast Taco Lovefest

I’m often asked what my “go to” restaurants are for certain foods, and breakfast tacos is a subject that comes up fairly often, along with kolaches (KC Donuts).  Breakfast tacos, like pizza, fall under the “what type am I craving” category.  Here’s a list of my current favorites, in no particular order: The super serious … Continue reading »

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