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Who is ATXFoodnews?

Kay Marley-Dilworth has been a passionate promoter of local eats & treats for years.  After several decades of answering her friends’ questions about where to eat in town, she launched ATXFoodnews on Twitter, to encourage and engage conversation about our Austin food and beverage scene.  This blog and a Facebook page soon followed, and Kay has happily continued talking about delicious food and drinks in town and around Central Texas.

Kay recently retired from a weekly volunteer gig at Meals on Wheels Central Texas, after 11 years as a meal delivery person.  She encourages all Austinites to #LiveLoveLocal and give back to the community whenever possible.  Her days are spent working in the legal community, while nights and weekends are for family and friends.  Email her at

Kay is a member of the Austin Food Blogger Alliance, and adheres to their Code of Ethics.

To comply with the FTC guidelines and the AFBA Code of Ethics, posts centered around gifts, comps, samples, events attended via media invite, and businesses with a deeply personal and/or financial relationship will include a disclosure statement.

4 Responses to Who is ATXFoodnews?

  1. Roger Mac Arthur

    Hi Kay,
    I’m very new to this here Tweet thingie, but I noticed your profile and have a dear friend living in Austin., so I figured, what the hey?
    I founded Georgia Smokehouse Foods a year ago here in the Midlands of Ireland. I am originally from New York State, but lived for many years in Florida and Georgia. Love good Bar BQ and knew that, when I moved with my Irish wife to Ireland 12 years ago now, I would make my hobby a business!
    So, along with all the sauce makin and distribution, health board kiss assin’ and smokin’ I have to learn all this Social Media stuff. So here I am Social Mediatin’. How am i doin’?
    I hope to hear back from ya and maybe you could add me on Twitter @Rogiewan.

    Just to let you know, I’m holdin up my end over her in rainy old Ireland!

    Have FUN!

  2. Randy

    Hi Kay,

    We are opening up Austin’s newest Outdoor live music and mobil food establishment. Would like for you to come out and visit the property and get a taste of what is happening out here. (no pun intended)!

    We look forward to your visit,
    The Rusty Mule
    9201 Highway 290 west

  3. Larry Dean Jackson

    Kay, I would love for you to make a guest post on on BBQ, send it to…Tried to send this to you on Twitter but I don’t think it went through…Thanks..Larry

  4. Luci

    Hello Kay,

    I hope you’re having a great week!

    I wanted to quickly introduce myself, as I am the Community Engagement Lead for Zomato in Austin. Zomato is a popular online and mobile restaurant discovery platform and social food network. We have presence in 22 countries and over 500 cities.

    I came across your blog ATX Food News and I would love to meet for a coffee to discuss some of the blogger features we offer on Zomato!

    Since we’re very different from other restaurant discovery platforms, I wanted to share a few key points that I think differentiate us.

    We physically collect information from every single restaurant/cafe/bar in town (menus, photos, pricing, hours, etc) and ensure this information remains up to date. Always!
    Our users, better known as “foodies”, have the unique opportunity to interact on our platform. Foodies can rate and review restaurants, upload photos, follow other foodies, and create a trusted network of people whose opinions they value, all of which is based around one common interest and love…Food!
    You can also like reviews and photos of other foodies, connect your Instagram/Twitter/Facebook account(s), check-in at restaurants, tag friends, and essentially use Zomato as your own personal social food network!

    We’d love for you to be a part of our Zomato Austin community! I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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