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#SXSW? Read the Rules

So you came to #SXSW, huh? You’re excited to hit the sidewalks, trek around downtown Austin and see what our city has to offer. But first: read the rules. Don’t litter. Yes, we know that many times the first trashcan you see is overflowing, but keep that litter in hand until you find the next … Continue reading »

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At #SXSW and Need a Break from Crowds?

Contrary to popular belief, there are a few places in the heart of downtown where you can extricate yourself from the masses, and find a little peace and quiet…or at least a modicum of tranquility. Here’s a few of my favorite escapes, when the crowded rooms and streets overwhelm me. Trio at the Four Seasons … Continue reading »

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The Rules for #SXSW

It’s officially the busy season in Austin, when you can’t throw a stick without hitting someone* from out of town/state/country that is “in for SX.” Just in case you aren’t aware, there are a set of standards for this festival. We call them The Rules for #SXSW. Please abide by these not-so-difficult directives for decorum, … Continue reading »

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