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What I’m Craving Right Now

Posted by on February 4, 2014

Y’all, sometimes when my afternoon cravings hit, it’s for crunchy munchies, and sometimes it’s for sweet treats. Today I want spice.  I want heat that delivers a wallop to my taste buds and makes them sit up and take notice (if a taste bud could sit up) but still allows flavors to shine through.  I want flavors that sing, but the song is distinctive and peppery, like if Metallica covered an Air Supply song.  My mind keeps wandering to two products currently in my fridge, and all the ways I can use them.

Just look at this lovely bit of golden goodness!

Just look at this lovely bit of golden goodness!

If you haven’t yet tried Yellowbird Sauce, do it, and do it soon. Like today.  Chileheads, this is a must have for your arsenal of hot condiments.  Made of only nine ingredients, and everything recognizable as real food, this spicy habanero sauce will elevate your eggs, tacos, french fries, nachos and pretty much anything else to a higher level.  Get ready for an endorphin rush, as it is packing heat, but also plenty delicious.  Available at Wheatsville Co-op, Quickie Pickie, Thom’s Market, several other spots around town, and online.  Don’t know what to do with it? Check out recipes on the website.

I've been carrying on a fermented affair with Oh Kimchi for the last few weeks.

I’ve been carrying on a fermented affair with Oh Kimchi for the last few weeks.

Oh Kimchi! Oh baby!  I was hooked at first taste on this local line of kimchi.  I fell hard and fast for their Napa Cabbage kimchi, consuming an entire jar by myself in a week.  I was putting kimchi on everything, and will admit to eating it by itself with a fork at least once. Okay, twice. It’s just that good! This week I’m on the Mustard Green kimchi, with plans to try Vegan Daikon next, followed by Western Cabbage and then Vegan Mool.  Oh Kimchi can be found at the farmers’ markets, at Wheatsville Co-op, and Fresh Plus.  Go getcha some spicy fermented yummy stuff, and tell them I said it’s the best I’ve ever eaten.

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