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The Rules for #SXSW

Posted by on March 11, 2016

It’s officially the busy season in Austin, when you can’t throw a stick without hitting someone* from out of town/state/country that is “in for SX.” Just in case you aren’t aware, there are a set of standards for this festival. We call them The Rules for #SXSW. Please abide by these not-so-difficult directives for decorum, and we will welcome you back next year. Be a tool, and we’ll make sure we have on our pointy toed cowboy boots for kicking your ass outta here.

1. Mind your manners. We say “please,” and “thank you,” especially to service industry folks. Do not even think of complaining to a door person about the wait, your need to use the restroom superseding the fire marshal’s occupancy regulations, or the fact that the party requires you to be on a guest list, if in fact you are not on the list.
2. Pick up after yourself. #DontMessWithTexas by throwing your garbage on the ground. Find a trash can and/or recycle bin.
3. Spend your dollars at a locally owned establishment. We have stellar restaurants, coffee shops, bars and brewpubs here in ATX. You can drink Starbucks pretty much anywhere. Try our goods. We haven’t become a mecca for foodies by serving up average products.
4. Don’t get stinkin’ drunk. No one’s festival experience is improved by dealing with a sloppy drunk. Yes, you will find many a free beer or cocktail during SXSW. Be responsible with your imbibing. It’s okay to have fun, but no one wants to hold your hair while you return a breakfast taco to the earth in front of a line of people waiting to get into a venue.
5. Use public transportation. Not only does SXSW have a great shuttle system, but there are taxis, Uber, Lyft and now zTrip to choose from, along with a fleet of very interesting, often entertaining pedicabs. Note: zTrip promises no surge pricing.

*Normally, you can’t throw a stick without hitting a musician. This is the one time where, even with bands in town, the musicians will be the minority.

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