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The Best Little Blogging Conference in Texas

Posted by on September 19, 2015

As C.J. said, “All we wanted to do was keep it quiet! Now thanks to Ed Earl, it’s the hottest thing…since “The Gong Show”!”


Sheriff Ed Earl Dodd will find that at BlogathonATX, ain’t nothing too high toned, just lots of good will and maybe one small thrill, but there’s nothing dirty going on.  The best little blogging conference in Texas is rapidly approaching, and I’d love for you to dance a little side step right on in to the event. BlogathonATX is giving me three tickets to the conference, to give away to 3 lucky readers.

Why should you go to BlogathonATX? There’s a multitude of reasons, but I’ll sum them up:

Nothing too high toned – but we address blogging issues from the simplest to ones that challenge our crackerjack team in the Tech Cave, and it’s included in the price of the ticket. Our Room for Improvement serves another important task, to give your blog individual attention in terms of architecture and design. Our experts are available to you, and most importantly, are eager to help.

Lots of good will – the theme of this year’s blogging conference is Community. Not only is it a time to mix and mingle in real life with bloggers you follow online, but the networking you establish at this one event will prove valuable many times over as the year moves on. I’ve always said I’ll have one conversation at BlogathonATX that changes my world, each year I attend. It’s proven true each conference. Our blogging community is very supportive of each other, and we nurture those connections. The bonds formed at BlogathonATX have resulted in a wide variety of down-the-line support, from job offers to kickstarter backing.

Maybe one small thrill – at each meal service, certainly. The food at this conference is always amazing, and this year is no different. Stiles Switch is our lunch sponsor for carnivores and we have deliciousness for vegetarians/Vegans, too.  Not only will there be both a sweet and savory afternoon snack, but it’s pie! Royer’s Pie Haven is sponsoring their decadent baked from scratch pies that are guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth, while PickAChili serves samples of their artisinal chili Frito Pie, including a Vegan version. For the adventurous, and those who are deeply committed to sustainable production of food, Hopper Foods is taste testing their grain-free granola during registration and breakfast. Made of cricket flour, we expect this treat to jump start our day.

But there’s nothing dirty going on – our panelists will address topics that are relevant to today’s bloggers needs, from getting what you want from your blog, to narrowing your focus to better reach your readers. One very special panel is a discussion on Blogging For Real, and the impact your writing can have, in ways you never expected.

The conference is Saturday, September 26, 2015, from 10am – 6pm, at Tech Ranch. I’ve touched on only the basics of what you’ll experience at BlogathonATX. The value of this conference sustains me throughout the year. I’d love for you to enter the raffle below, and come find me at the event. i’ll give you hint, I’ll either be near the food, or signing up with one of the Austin Massage Company massage therapists onsite.

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