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Churchkey: A flat top steel can love affair

Posted by on November 6, 2012


Oh, Churchkey Can Co., oh me, oh my.  Just when the Austin craft beer community had me completely committed to my local beer snobbery, you walked in the door.  You glanced over, gave me a sideways smile with a wink and a nod and I haven’t been the same sense.  It doesn’t hurt that your packaging is awesome, your flat top steel can is so very easily recyclable, and your six pack packaging is printed with soy ink on recycled paper…soy ink!  Oh, no, it does not hurt at all that you appeal to my crunchy granola hipster-in-hiding side, but then you bust out with your owners, those guys who are nothing but heart, totally burning, passionate men who pine for magnificent combinations of hops and barley and grain, who have a huge love for craft beer.  And one of them agreed to kiss Mr. Bill….

No, it does not hurt that Adrian Grenier is one of your owners.  Nor does it harm your brewery’s movement into new states that he is not only a celebrity but also 100% into his own product.  Your co-owners Justin Hawkins and Ryan Sowards are just as excited as you are to launch this beer.  Y’all are like Texas cheerleaders, only in skinny jeans and not showing any cleavage.  (Side note that Adrian is wearing a t-shirt from Austin’s own Austin Kleon).   Aside from the majorly cool packaging and the churchkey included in each sixer, the celebrity cuteness, and the talent of both Hawkins and Ryan, this beer stands alone.  Not only do I like it a lot, I will probably forgo other local beers to drink it.  I may very well be run out of town for this, so I hope you have a room ready at the brewery.  With Adrian, please.

I can’t stop thinking about the feel of the flat top can.  Steel gets colder than aluminum, and the smooth chill on my upper lip was a very enjoyable feeling, as is the easy drinking pilsner.  At first I thought the beer itself was okay, better than average, but overall, looking back, I’d like some more, please.  I realize that you’re having pesky issues with labeling with our infamous TABC, but January cannot come soon enough.  I want to be a part of the revolution.  I’m totally in with the flat top steel can movement.  The freshness of your brew, the brightness of the pilsner makes for a very nice beer.  The can itself provides a more in-depth experience.  The act of opening the can is a party-making moment.  Steel cans have less give to them than aluminum and you have to put your strength into it.  The initial hiss and beer spray are a celebration of what’s to come, a truly delectable brew.

Churchkey, you’ve been called “the most hipster beer in the world”, but I applaud the return to steel top cans.  I love the drinking experience, it makes it so much more interesting than simply cracking open an aluminum can.  And if loving you is hipster, I don’t want to be anything else.

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