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Brisket & Sushi

Posted by on January 23, 2013

Y’all know I love my sushi, and y’all know I love Texan-centric foods.  So when you put the two together, it’s a win-win for me.  I found a perfect mashup in The Beefy Texan bowl at Roll On Sushi Diner.  I gotta tell ya, there ain’t nothin’ wrong with smoked beef brisket, wasabi cole slaw, avocado and spicy barbecue mayo piled on sushi rice and nori.  This bowl is hearty, filling and a thrill of flavors in each bite.

The guys at Roll On Sushi are known for mixing it up with inventive rolls such as the Respect My Asparagah, with its asparagus and candied walnuts, and the Guaca-Rolly, where tempura shrimp are topped with guacamole and the thinnest slices of jalapeno I’ve ever seen.  The Beefy Texan comes as a roll, too.  Mmmhmm, you can bring your friends who swear they don’t like sushi to Roll On, start them off with a bowl, then coax them into the roll.  Nex thing you know, they’ll be ordering the Sticky Ball or the Miso Hungry Roll with the best of them.

If you haven’t tried this sushi diner yet, go this week. Tell the crew I said hello, order a few rolls from the regular menu (price ranges from $3.95-6.95 per order), or the specialty one ($7.95-12.95 per order) and drink a sake bomb or two.  This is sushi, Austin-style.

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