Mama is Mad

I read a social media post today that said something very similar to how I feel about the current protests and activism against racism. I didn’t screen capture it, and it was not available to share, so I decided to write my own post.

I am angry and not just ready for change, I’m ready to facilitate change. I’m ready to help move America away from racism. I’m ready to do my part to excise the putrid social disease that is rotting away our nation’s moral code in the form of hidden racism, soft bigotry, and those who feel that it is safe in this day and age to openly proclaim their “white nationalism” and beliefs that a darker skin color makes a person less human. I’m going to use my voice, my dollars, and my vote to do what I can to educate and to illuminate, to make strides in the right direction.

I am publicly taking a stand against racism because:

~As a child my mother had to sit in a separate section of restaurants, because she has brown skin. And I love my mom.

~Half of my family is a beautiful rainbow of all shades of brown and black. The other half is a beautiful rainbow of all shades of white and brown. And I love my family.

~Someone’s son went out to buy Skittles and never came home.

~Someone’s son could not breathe and never came home.

~Someone’s son went jogging, and never came home.

~Someone’s daughter, an emergency room technician, was asleep in her own home, and woke up only to die.

~Someone’s daughter was “having a bad day” with her mental health issues and the people who were called to help her, killed her.

~Someone’s daughter, a pre-med grad student, was babysitting her nephew and playing video games when a policeman shot her through a window.

~Someone’s son, unarmed and suffering a mental heath crisis had his hands in the air when he was shot with a “non-lethal round,” prompting him to get back in his Prius and slowly start to drive away from officers, who fired a real bullet this time, killing him for allegedly using the Toyota as a “deadly weapon.” A Prius. Driving away, and not trying to run over anyone.

~Someone’s son and daughter have been systematically oppressed in America since the 1700’s, when many of their ancestors were kidnapped and brought to our soil.

~Someone’s son called out for his mama as he lay dying under a policeman’s knee.

He called for mama. He cried out from depths of his last moments for his mother, a primal instinct to retreat to his safe space, his unconditional love, his warm embrace, his I will always love you, baby. Love you forever. Mama.

I can tell you that if my son was profiled, treated differently because of his skin tone, and murdered, I would unleash a fury unlike anything ever seen. I would be a raging firestorm of savagery. And this morning in the moment when I formed that thought, I was ashamed. Because my belief system enjoins me to love others as I love myself and my own. And I’ve failed to truly practice that when I stay silent; therefore, complicit. I have failed to be righteously angry that racism exists in our nation, and have failed to do much of anything about it.

I have spent my entire life celebrating being Latina, but I’ve never felt the sting of discrimination because I have white skin and blue eyes. If I see my son on the street curb talking to a cop in a police car, it would not trigger anything more in me than curiosity. I would not have the immediate fear that my son may be unduly persecuted.

I will no longer be silent. I will no longer tolerate racism. I will no longer sugar coat my words. I will speak up and out. I stand in solidarity with the brown mamas and black mamas, and I will fight to end racism in our country.


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Juan Lobo Tequila

Patio drinking at its finest includes liquor that will smooth out the rough edges of your day.

Summer has kicked off in Austin, and with social distancing still in full force I’ve found that patio time is my escape. My 9-5 job in an essential workforce is stressful, and I’ve found it very helpful to unwind at the picnic table in my backyard. A drink in hand, feeling the wind ruffle my hair while listening to the sounds of birds chirping and insects trilling is an excellent way to wash away my day. The fine folks at Juan Lobo Tequila gifted several bottles of their tequila to me for sampling, and it has made my patio time a most excellent experience.

Photo courtesy of Juan Lobo Tequila

Juan Lobo Tequila is not your ordinary brand. At heart, it’s a romance, the marriage of music and mixology. Local singer-songwriter Jon Wolfe, who is making waves in the country music industry was a tequila lover in search of his perfect drink. Not satisfied with the liquors he had tasted, Jon Wolfe followed his heart and chased flavors until he found what he had searched for in the highlands of Mexico. Juan Lobo Tequila is crafted by hand in Jalisco, with agave produced by five generations of farmers. The high altitude allows the agave to develop its distinctive sweetness, forming Juan Lobo Tequila’s rich flavoring. At last, Jon Wolfe had found his elusive prey, and fell in love with the land that gave it to him.

Photo courtesy of Juan Lobo Tequila

While Wolfe maintains a home in Austin on Town Lake (“Lady Bird Lake” to you newer arrivals to our fair city), he escapes to the highlands as often as his tour schedule — and the current pandemic — allows. He visits Arandas, where the Juan Lobo Tequila distillery is located, or nearby Guadalajara every few months. Managing his career and growing his tequila brand is hectic business, and Wolfe says when he is at the distillery he can shut things down and simply enjoy what he’s created. “It’s such a gorgeous, pastoral environment and it truly feels like coming home when I’m there.” While in Mexico, his distillery/producer family has been encouraging his emerging bilingualism, spurring him on the road to fluency.

Available at select liquor stores in Austin, Juan Lobo Tequila is a delicious addition to my liquor cabinet. The bottles have the elegantly rustic look of handblown Mexico glassware, with tiny bubbles. Each style of tequila has its own exclusive flavor. Aged the longest, the Anejo tequila held a peppery, vanilla flavor and I sipped it over ice. The Blanco has a crisp bite that is perfection with citrus, such as in the signature La Capilla cocktail. I love Reposado tequila for its almost buttery sweet notes, and used it to create a low carb margarita using a mixer I found locally. Guilt free cocktails!

Austinites may bump into Wolfe at the liquor store, as he indulges in the delight of purchasing his own tequila. “First of all, launching my own tequila brand was a dream of mine for so long, and the process of taking a product to market is very tedious and it takes a lot of work, so there’s definitely an emotional feeling when I see my product on the shelves – something I’ve worked so hard for,” says Wolfe. He’s dedicated years to the romance of his tequila, and we reap the benefits whether it’s in a shot glass, margarita or rocks glass.

Juan Lobo Tequila is perfect for #MargaritaMonday, #TequilaTuesday, and #ThirstyThursday. Buy it for your next backyard barbecue and mix up frosty margaritas, or surrender to the allure of a tequila-based Old Fashioned. Turn on the tunes and turn off your worries, and allow the tequila to provide a respite from the world for your much needed happy hour. Tune in to Jon Wolfe on iTunes, Spotify, and Pandora until you can catch a live show. Relax, and enjoy your tequila. I’ll be doing the same.

While this product was provided to me free of charge, all opinions are my own.

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Austin Declares “State of Disaster” & Ban on Large Gatherings

UPDATES: MotoGP has postponed the races until November 2020. Live Fire! has been cancelled, and the Austin Food & Wine Alliance will be issuing refunds.

The news out of City Hall is meant to protect the public, but leaves event organizers scrambling for ways to lessen the damage to their bottom line and beef up sanitation plans in the hopes their show might go on. The City of Austin has issued a “state of disaster” specifically banning SXSW, and Travis County followed with its own. This has led to deep scrutiny of upcoming crowd-heavy events.

For Austin, other than SXSW, the next few months is a slew of outdoor revelry including Austin Lamb Jam, Moto GP, Live Fire! Austin, and the swanky Dell Match Play, and Texas Relays. There’s also Art City Austin, and the Austin Urban Music Fest coming up as well as the hugely popular Austin Food & Wine Festival. We’ve heard that Willie Nelson’s Luck Reunion has been greenlighted, but the jury is still out on Rodeo Austin.

The Austin Celtic Association has canceled their annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration at Jordan Bachman Pioneer Farms, out of an abundance of caution. One would think that Moontower Comedy Festival is safe due to the nature of the festival with shows held in a variety of venues that already offer adequate handwashing facilities. Everything is predicated on how well the event organizers have planned for sanitation, handwashing facilities and the like. Read more about the city’s new mass gathering criteria here.

The economic impact of cancellations is negatively impacting Austin, with layoffs of a third of the year-round SXSW staff following just days after the premiere education, technology and music festival announced that the city had issued an order cancelling it. Our city’s restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, driving services and musicians are all taking a deep hit, financially speaking. The Austin city council continues its discussions of the Covid-19 coronavirus in a March 10, 2020 meeting. Expect more information to be forthcoming.

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