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Swift’s Attic

Posted by on June 19, 2012

I vow to never eat edamame again, unless it is from Swift’s Attic.  I should have known, based on the team of culinary magicians and owners behind this charming Congress Avenue restaurant, that anything I ordered would be fantastic.  I’m used to imaginative food.  I’ve grown to expect to be wowed by Austin’s food scene.  But even the most jaded of palates will be happily re-awakened by a simple bowl of charred edamame, shiny with chile oil, that comes with a side of sea salt and unflavored Pop Rocks.

The skeptic will eye this plate and wonder if the addition of a retro candy is nothing more than a desperate, overreaching statement of the trend toward unusual food pairings.  Hang on to your hat, honey, because the skeptic will be converted to the gospel of Swift’s Attic.  The charred edamame and chile oil alone is a beautiful thing, but dip into the salt and Pop Rocks and prepare for (wait for it) an explosion of savory delight.  The unflavored candy adds a 3D texture to the earthy, spice of the edamame.  You can’t go wrong with delicious fun!


One Response to Swift’s Attic

  1. Jason Liao

    I really like CK’s concept for his restaurant. I met up with him for drinks one night but have yet to try his food. But, like he said, “if you work in the restaurant industry you really don’t have the time to go to other restaurants.” Need to make it a point to go though