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Power to the Peas-ful!

Posted by on July 16, 2013

2013.07 World Peas 004

The fine folks over at World Peas sent me some of their tasty snack to try.  My son, who thinks all packages are presents, was very excited.  I was hopeful.  Oh, yes I was hopeful. I was hopeful that he would actually eat a vegetable other than raw carrot.  I wasn’t holding my breath, mind you, since he’s made it this far in life without willingly and knowingly eating veggies.  The pureed stuff I spooned into his mouth as an infant doesn’t count, as he was too young to put up a fight.

Not only did my son delight in sampling almost all the flavors (he avoided the Sichuan Chili flavor), but he went right to work creating his own flavor combos, pronouncing Texas BBQ with Kansas City Bacon the perfect union.  I must say, the flavors could have sucked and I’d be pushing this product, simply for being the gateway drug to enticing my son to love his veggies.  Fortunately for all of us, the flavors ROCK!

2013.07 World Peas 005

Sitting down with a cold beer?  You’ll want the Hungarian Garlic World Peas (unless you’re on a date, then go for the Santa Barbara Ranch flavor).  Looking for crunch with zing a flavor?  Oh, you will love Sichuan Chili World Peas!  Sichuan chilis have a lemony pepper taste, with the unique property of making your mouth feel tingly.  My tongue was buzzing, but the peppery kick wasn’t overwhelming.

If you’re a curry fan, you’ll flip over the Bombay Curry World Peas.  And for a sweet, savory treat, try the Sicilian Tomato & Garlic. These peas are natural, with no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners are free of GMO’s, gluten-free and have no cholesterol.  They’re high in protein but low in fat and calories.  Delicious, and my child will eat them.  What’s not to love?

2013.07 World Peas 001

World Peas’ tagline is “Bringing Peas to the World”, and they follow their words with action.  A portion of the profits of World Peas is donated to youth education initiatives across the globe.   Founder Anish Sheth is serious about philanthropy, donating half his 2010 profits to UNICEF’s efforts to rebuild schools in areas decimated by natural disaster.  Follow World Peas on their Facebook page, and find more information about World Peas at their website, with too good of a name to hide in a hyperlink:  World Peas can be found in Austin at Whole Foods Market, Royal Blue Grocery, Barton Hills Market, Fresh Plus Grocery, and Wheatsville Co-op.

Want to help bring peas to the world? Donate to the World Peas kickstarter, and give peas a chance.  You’ll be helping this Austin business debut their newest flavor, and a donation of $10 or more nets you some sweet swag, from koozies to bags of peas, and more.  They have only a few days left to meet their goal, so won’t you become an “entre-pea-neur”?  If you pledge $3K, they’ll create a thousand stickers of your face and use it to decorate the snack bags (among other perks).  Yes, you can be the face of peas in our world.

5 Responses to Power to the Peas-ful!

  1. Fred Abounader

    I had all varieties that your husband brought into work. I thought all flavors were very good. The peas were good and dried out and crispy. The curry and garlic had the most distinguished tastes, but I loved all of them.

    • Kay Marley-Dilworth

      So happy you enjoyed them! Please make sure you look for this snack in stores and support a great local biz.

  2. James L

    Thank you so much for sharing these tasty snacks in the lab! They are a perfect pick-me-up to get through the mid-day grind at work; not too heavy, but very fulfilling and bursting with flavor. All varieties were tasty, but I didn’t care too much for the tingly sensation caused by the Sichuan flavor. However, I loved the Bombay Curry. I tried the BBQ and Kansas Bacon and they did pair nicely, just as your son said they would. I also paired the Hungarian Garlic with the Sicilian Tomato and Garlic for an awesome taste! I’m a big fan of Sriracha sauce and would love to see these peas sporting that flavor (nudge-nudge, wink-wink). Thanks again for sharing these great snacks, I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for them on my next grocery excursion.

    • Kay Marley-Dilworth

      Glad you enjoyed them! Great tip on the garlic and tomato pairing.

  3. Steven T

    The Tomato and Garlic were the bomb-diggity. Ranch was good as well, as it was subtle and not IN YOUR FACE. The others were good, but not mind blowing. No HEB love?