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Mmmm…carne guisada!

Posted by on November 16, 2012


In the Tex Mex world of cooking, there’s two things that I will judge you on, and that is refried beans and carne guisada.  Everyone makes their carne g slightly different, but if you serve up a flavorless concoction of tough meat rest assured I’ll never eat in your establishment again.  (The same goes for bland beans.) Yesterday my hankering for this robust stewed meat dish had me scurrying to the grocery store.  I spent the afternoon in a delicious-smelling home, as my carne guisada simmered on the stove.  Whether you go high end, with ribeye, or use a mix of sirloin and pork steaks, as I do, this is a stew that, well, needs stewing.  You want your meat to be falling apart, tender morsels.

Sometimes I want a platter of food, and that calls for carne guisada with rice and beans.  Other times, like the one pictured above, all I want are tacos.  One has a sprinkle of shredded cheddar cheese on it, because my arteries aren’t hard enough already.

Carne guisada is Mexican comfort food for me.  When I first moved back to Texas after years away, Taco Cabana was my go to spot for both bean & cheese and carne guisada tacos.  I’m not ashamed to admit that when I need one of those tacos on the fly, I’ll go through their drive through. Does that mean I’ve lost my Foodie Card?  Their bean & cheese is especially satisfying on Saturday mornings, after my long walks with my half marathon training group.  But this weekend, I’ll be happily motivated to finish my 8 miles even faster, with carne guisada waiting for me at home.

*For those asking for the recipe, please visit my Facebook page.*

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  1. Kay Marley-Dilworth

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