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Better Half Coffee & Cocktails

Posted by on February 9, 2020
The CFT coffee cocktail and a michelada.

After meeting a friend at Better Half Coffee & Cocktails for a leisurely weekend lunch, I’m promising myself I’ll return soon. The charming little spot has gained much praise, most especially for their cheeseburger. Heck, I was happy before I’d even exited my car, as Better Half has a parking lot that is not only free, but ample. In downtown Austin, even West of Lamar, “free and ample” is not normally associated with parking.

Because it is an intimate space, the line to order food can be daunting at peak times. And if it’s your first visit, please know that there’s more seating outdoor on the patio than inside, or at least it seemed that way on a crowded Saturday. Once the brewery next door opens it will be even more of a hot spot than it is now, but please know this food is worth the wait.

Chicken biscuit sandwich with jalapeno-honey butter and these amazing curry bread & butter pickles.

With food inexpensive by downtown standards as well as generous portions, this is the place to hit if you want mouthwatering food that won’t break the bank. The atmosphere is on-trend casual but just like Austin itself, that could mean cute sundresses and sandals or tee shirts with running shorts, whichever you’re sporting at the moment. The train tracks are just over the fence and every so often our conversation would still as the horn blared, and I savored the moment of eating al fresco in the city I adore.

The Fall Big Salad with steak.

The kitchen here certainly knows what it’s doing, which is whipping out plate after plate of beautiful, tasty offerings with attention to flavor detail. The jalapeno-honey butter was just the right combination of heat and sweet on my chicken biscuit sandwich, and the curry bread and butter pickles made a sweet(ish) pickle lover out of me. That biscuit, that tender, buttery biscuit is the stuff carb dreams are made of, with the flaky and airy interior and satisfyingly crisp edges.

Sour cream donut holes with peach preserves.

We didn’t pass up dessert, and neither should you. This trip we opted for warm donut holes drizzled with a vanilla bean glazed and served with peach preserves. If I happen to stop by for coffee in the coming week, I’m getting an order to go. I predict they don’t last the car ride, and I’ll probably end up with preserves on my pants. As our weather continues to warm up, I intend to try the Thai Tea Puddin’ Pop on the menu. It boasts a “white chocolate magic shell” along with shredded coconut. I bet it’s sublime.

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