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Best Bang for Your Buck: La Mancha’s Email Club

Posted by on April 19, 2018

I’m not a huge fan of filling up my inbox with advertisements, but when it comes to restaurants I prefer to be in the know. Out of all the emails I sift through, La Mancha consistently comes through with the best bang for your buck in terms of exchanging your email address for food news.

La Mancha, a locally owned Rosedale Tex Mex joint, runs its marketing promo very simply: subscribe with your email and on Thursdays you’ll receive an email with a freebie offer such as flautas, queso, shrimp & crab rolls, guacamole and other goodies.  Thursdays are $5 Mexican Martini days, too.

What’s the fine print? You must show the email to your server, and you must order at least one entree.  Oh, and no more than one freebie per table. So let’s do the math on this Thursday deal: Mexican Martini, ($5) + freebie appetizer-sized item + El Camino Green Chile burger ($8.99) add fries ($1.99) = $15.98 in deliciousness. Mexican Martinis are normally a two drink pour, and cost $9 on every other day of the week.  The food freebie is a savings of around $4.99, give or take. You’ll save almost a ten spot on what you’d normally spend. That’s a win, folks.

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